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I know that I might get a lot of hate throwing myself into this subject again, but should I really care ? Nothing lasts forever on the internet. So… SPOILERS.

I would like to talk about Tyrelliot and – of course – this is only my point of view but also this article has the mean, maybe not to change your mind, but to make you think further.
Since season 2 finale, people went crazy about the « love declaration » that supposedly made Tyrelliot « canon ». These sudden reactions made me ask myself why were people so incline to see sexuality and shipping where, without actual proof, there is nothing of the sort.
To me, at least on Elliot side, Tyrell isn't really an option, I am not quite sure how he sees him, but he was definitely afraid of him in the first season, even though he knows he's easily playable, and sometimes even looks down on him. Let's be honest here: through Mr. Robot, we can actually say that Elliot has a quite high self-esteem, at least on his brain and hacking abilities.
Tyrell though, is a problematic character to me, so hard to grasp, so elusive. Every time you think you have a pretty good idea on what he is, how he would react, what his goals are, things just completely turn around. While Elliot is fighting for what he imagines being the Greater Good (the Greater Good), Tyrell is just fighting his own mediocrity. Tyrell is the sad clown, the character that tries so hard to succeed but never does. He "killed himself" for the company that fires him, he is being manipulated by his wife, by Elliot, and seeks power to the point where he needs to beat up and even murder someone to finally have control over something. Tyrell is capable of anything to succeed, to reach his goals and to gain power. But his quest is vain in a world where he isn't the most powerful, in a world where he is barely someone.
Then comes Elliot. Elliot gives him a purpose, a goal to pursue, a quest, some Holy Grail to track down to finally make himself a place in this world, to finally get his key to happiness. Elliot became his God. Fsociety became his scapegoat. “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” said Nietzsche, and suddenly, all of Tyrell's “sins” are okay, they were meant for a greater cause, and he is not a bad guy anymore. I though during the whole first season that Tyrell was just a cold blooded psychopath that would do anything to save himself, but the truth is, he is nothing but a lost crying child. He always lacked of a purpose and of a proper role model to find his way. Tyrell is weak, he needs direction, someone to tell him what to do, someone to tell him that he did the right thing. Tyrell has become a pawn on Elliot's chest board, nothing but a paying fanboy of an emerging ideology.
Tyrell isn't in love with Elliot, I'm not even sure Tyrell has a very defined sexuality at all (don't give me the “but, he fucked a guy and all” yeah yeah, like it was for his own pleasure…SURE), he worships him. Tyrell loves Elliot. Tyrell loves his God… Isn't he just like us viewers after all?

This is probably the best representation of what Tyrelliot might be. Inspired from the Pieta painting, amazingly drawn by :iconwithoutafuss:

And maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'll be really surprised next season to see them together and happily living as a gay couple, cheerfully putting down the society they both hate, but once again, I don't think that sexuality is really relevant in Mr. Robot. It just isn't the subject that Esmail is presenting us. And if you want to see a show with LGBT representation, watch Sense 8, Orange is the New Black, hell even Glee if this is your main interest! I personally love when there is LGBT (+ all its extensions) characters in a show, especially when it isn't too obvious or cliché, but Mr. Robot is telling us that your sexuality doesn't matter. Just look at the scene where Gideon says to Elliot that he is gay! It's very casual and Elliot doesn't really care because this isn't the main characteristic he would use to define his boss.
I think Shipping is a great way to get people together, because it can be really creative – and sometimes slightly awkward – but it's fine, this is what we do as the bored humans we are, we create.
As you might have noticed, I finally accepted Tyrelliot deviations in the group because they were just too good to be left off, but I still strongly believe that this is definitely not what is happening in the show. But again, I strongly BELIEVE. So what is your opinion on what's happening here?

Also, I wrote this article a few days ago... Before the election. So I wish to you all, not just Americans, to love the hell out of each other no matter who you are and to feel for our kind and our planet. If we start forgetting that, this would be the end of us.

We The Bold.
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